Why Us


· 24/7 online access to assessment, study topic/exercises Y1 – Y13

· Progress tracking and personalised feedback

· Study recommendations

· Real tutors in a real-time

· Ideal for homeschooling or exam preparation (i.e. GCSE or A-Levels)

· FUN, STRETCH and CHALLENGE while learning

· Holiday subject booster classes & playschemes


  • state-of-art online study platform

  • experienced tutors from the UK as well as around the word

  • individually tailored study plans

  • monthly update meetings with tutors about child's study progression

  • working with all skills set of children - gifted, in need of support as well as those who need specialist teaching approaches

In addition to the online study platform, we offer with our study bundles specialist tutor support - face-to-face or online teaching (or both in combination), parents evenings about your child'd progress, as well as individualised study plans to cater for each child’s study needs.

A computer is not a human. We know that effective learning only happens with an active ‘hands-on’ support of a real tutor. This element is crucial to anyone's learning journey. Therefore, depending on the choice of your study package, we will team up the learner with an experienced subject tutor. The role of a tutor is to become a child’s study-buddy who guides, supports, challenges and gives feedback on learning.

Additionally, again depending on the choice of your package, your child will have access to a learning opportunity (1) in small groups (max 4 learners) via Zoom (or in person at our premises should the government guidelines for social distancing and COVID 19 protection be permissible to do so) as well as (2) an access to 1-2-1 tutor zoom support.

To enquire or book a session for your child, contact us.